Dental Crowns

At Banksia Grove Family Dental, our experienced and friendly, local dentist can help you achieve a beautiful smile with dental crowns. Crafted with precision and care, dental crowns are tailored sheaths that fit seamlessly over your natural teeth, delivering durability, protection, and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tailored shell that snugly covers your tooth. The shell is expertly designed to match your tooth’s shape and colour, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted primarily from robust porcelain, dental crowns can also be fashioned from durable gold, perfect for molars responsible for chewing power.

Typically, dental crowns step in when your natural tooth is weakened, fractured, or damaged. They are equally proficient in addressing cosmetic concerns, such as misshapen or stained teeth. For instance, when conventional teeth whitening falls short, a dental crown can enhance your smile.

Unveiling the Process

With our experienced dental team, the journey to a radiant smile through crowns is a smooth and personalised experience. The process unfolds over two main appointments, with the potential for an additional colour-matching session.

During the initial visit, your tooth is carefully prepared, involving minimal removal to make space for the crown. A mould of your tooth is crafted and sent to our lab for precise crown creation. While your permanent crown is being tailored, a temporary crown safeguards your tooth’s integrity.

For those opting for porcelain crowns on visible front teeth, a quick colour-match session may be arranged for an exact blend with your natural teeth.

At the second appointment, your permanent crown is ready for placement. Our dentist expertly secures the crown, adjusting and shaping it for a flawless fit. This meticulous process guarantees a bite that feels as good as it looks, ensuring your comfort and functionality.

We’re dedicated to your dental well-being.

If you believe that a dental crown might offer the ideal solution for you or you’re interested in exploring your options with a dentist, the team at Banksia Grove Family Dental is here to provide assistance and guidance. Call us on (08) 9206 9500